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We empower your coffee business

“My devotion to coffee and profound experience throughout the coffee supply chain during the past 13 years led me to the formation of a highly capable and motivated team. Our product developers, engineers as well as technicians and trainers are all carefully involved to fulfill our mission, which is to empower your coffee business and above all to make it stand out and thrive.

Coffee PRO Direct

The combination of profound know-how coupled with innovation and a good sense
of business will shape our creative journey ahead. It is our quest to integrate
into the industry in such a way as to contribute into making this beverage even
more accessible and magical to the consumer. At the same time, we strive to
make our clients businesses more profitable and enable them to participate in
the development of the ever-changing market landscape in the delicate world
of coffee.

 confidence is underlined by our proven track record in manufacturing
an exclusive series of world-class
 coffee roasting machines and
equipment at much less than premium prices, as much as the
outstanding training and services we provide. With 
and assembly centered in Vietnam, Coffee PRO Direct guarantees
commercial advantages coupled with
 western business standards
and values.

Sebastian Heinemann

Business Director